Serviced apartment / from RM 920,000 ~ 1,740,000 onwards, around NT 9

D'Majestic(Sold out)

Country: 馬來西亞 / Malaysia
City: 吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur
Property Type: Serviced apartment
Listing Price: from RM 920,000 ~ 1,740,000 onwards, around NT 9
Built Up:
Floor Plan: 2-5 F, parking space , 6-10F majectic -Boutique H
Developer: PJD GROUP
Location: Lot 309 No:382 Jalan Pudu Section 52 Kuala Lumpur
Completion Date: The first quarter of 2015
Total Units/Lots: Suite, 2 bedrooms, 2 +1 room
Total Households: 235 UNITS, HOTEL-10
  1. 酒店行業領導者之一,無數輝煌業績中另一卓越投資計劃
  2. 瑞園國際大酒店、度假村及酒店集團是一家總部位於馬來西亞及聲明卓越的酒店集團。除了擁有及管理國內無數酒店及度假村之外,其業務也遍及澳洲。
  3. 集團主要商業策略是不斷地與投資者及發展商尋求合作以提升及擴展其業務,以便以最佳經驗及素質服務所有客戶。

2014 年折扣及租金方案

  1. 購買者享有 3% 折扣(折於第一個 10% 內)
  2. 擁抱7% 租金回酬(依折扣後房價計算),租金回酬 2 年,可多續約一年
  3. 吸收律師費、律師雜費、貸款律師費、外國人准證申請費用

短步行距離: ‧
武吉免登星光大道的購物天堂。此處著名購物廣場包括金河,Lot 10,Berjaya Times Square,Pavilion,Starhill,Fahrenheit,lmbi Plaza,Low Yat等等。

短車程至主要地點: ‧
5分鐘至富都中環車站、Swiss-Garden飯店及服務公寓、獨立體育館、皇家雪蘭莪高爾夫球俱樂部、河清園批發城 ‧
10分鐘至茨廠街(唐人街),新加坡、印尼、美國,科威特大使館等 ‧
15分鐘至吉隆坡塔 ‧
20分鐘至KL Sentral車站、八打靈市中心、白沙羅,滿家樂、賽城、布特拉再也國家行政中心 ‧

200公尺捷運輕鐵站PUDU ‧
300公尺敦拉薩國際金融中心 ‧
700公尺武極免登商業中心 ‧
700公尺時代廣場 ‧

位居中央金融、購物、貿易、娛樂區如同台北巿的敦化北路地段 ‧

未來獨立摩天大樓附近 ‧
12至13A樓層 為SOHO unit 其房型平面圖為辦公室(office)類型


Nearby transport facilities 

Short walking distance: ‧ 

Avenue Bukit Bintang shopping paradise. Here the famous shopping malls including Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, Starhill, Fahrenheit, lmbi Plaza, Low Yat and so on ...


A short drive to the main locations: ‧ 

5min to pudu bus centre station , Swiss-Garden Hotel & Serviced Apartment,  Stadium merdeka, the Royal Selangor Golf Club,Kenanga  Wholesale City ‧ 

10 minutes to Petaling Street (Chinatown), Singapore, Indonesia, the United States, Kuwait Embassy ‧ 

15 minutes to the Kuala Lumpur Tower ‧ 

20 minutes from KL Sentral, Petaling center, Damansara, full house music, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya administrative ‧ National Center 


200 meters MRT LRT station PUDU ‧ 

300 meters ‧ Tun Razak international financial center 

700 meters Martial Bintang Commercial Centre ‧ 

700 meters Times Square 


 shopping, trade, entertainment like district Taipei City  lots Dunhua North  


In future, there will have a Menara Warisan merdeka 

12 to 13A floor is soho unit, the layout is (office) type

  1. 酒店行業領導者之一,無數輝煌業績中另一卓越投資計劃
  2. 瑞園國際大酒店、度假村及酒店集團是一家總部位於馬來西亞及聲明卓越的酒店集團。除了擁有及管理國內無數酒店及度假村之外,其業務也遍及澳洲。
  3. 集團主要商業策略是不斷地與投資者及發展商尋求合作以提升及擴展其業務,以便以最佳經驗及素質服務所有客戶。


  1. One of the hotel industry leaders, remarkable investment plan in countless brilliant performance
  2. Ruiyuan Guo International Hotel, Resort and Hotel Group is headquartered in Malaysia and declared superior hotel group. In addition to owning and managing numerous hotels and resorts outside the country, but also throughout its operations in Australia
  3. Group's principal business strategy is to continue with investors and developers to seek cooperation to enhance and expand its business in order to optimize the experience and quality of service to all customers.
  1. 酒店
  2. 度假屋和溫泉
  3. 健身房
  4. 旅館
  5. 假期公寓
  6. 別墅
  7. 住宿
  8. 高爾夫球場
  1. Hotel 
  2. Holiday Resort  and spa
  3. Gym room
  4. Hotel 
  5. Holiday apartment 
  6. Villa 
  7. accommodation
  8. Golf course

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