• How the American Fed's Interest Rate Increase Can Affect You
    〔The New York Times〕〔The New York Times〕The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday for just the second time since the 2008 financial crisis. Economists talk a lot about the impact this will have on markets, but what about everyday consumers? The Fed's decision can affect the cost of housing, cars, student loans and even the interest on your credit card — though not all necessarily right away. And when the Fed raises rates, all sorts of other expenses eventually tick up. .....more Ddetail
  • Japan, Looking for Money, Removes Ban on Casino Gambling
    〔The New York Times〕TOKYO — Japan is dealing itself into the multibillion-dollar casino industry. Lawmakers have cleared the way for blackjack, roulette and other casino games in the country, approving legislation that removes a longstanding prohibition against gambling. .....more Ddetail
  • Auto Trader sales motor ahead to ignore Brexit brake
    〔Evening Standard〕 Car buyers ignored the EU referendum and kept flocking to the forecourts, helping Auto Trader to a big jump in sales. The June vote had no impact on sales, the group said today, pointing to a poll of prospective buyers showing nine in 10 who said the vote would not stop them snapping up a new motor. .....more Ddetail
  • Eurozone growth stable as inflation gets boost
    〔The China Post〕BRUSSELS -- Economic growth in the eurozone remained low but stable in the third quarter as inflation rose to a 27-month high amid fears over Brexit and major elections in France and Germany. The Eurostat statistics agency said growth in the eurozone remained stable in July to September, to 0.3 percent, which was on par with analysts surveyed by Factset, a data company. Analysts said the expansion remained low, however, and came on the back of France that shook off a contraction earlier in the year to expand by 0.2 percent in third quarter. .....more Ddetail
  • Kids of foreign professionals can stay after age 20
    〔The China Post〕TAIPEI--Children of foreign professionals in Taiwan can apply to stay in the country even once they are over the age of 19, the Ministry of the Interior said Wednesday, rebutting rumors that children of foreign nationals in Taiwan cannot stay in the country after they reach that age. Speaking at a regular news briefing, Jeff Yang, deputy head of the National Immigration Agency, said that children under the age of 20 can apply to continue to live in Taiwan with their parents who are working in the country if they meet certain requirements, citing amendments to the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens, which took effect in April 2014. .....more Ddetail
  • German economy predicted to grow 1.3 percent in 2017
    〔The China Post〕BERLIN -- A panel of economic advisers to the German government forecast Wednesday that the country's economy will grow by 1.9 percent this year, and 1.3 percent in 2017 — a slightly slower rate for next year than previously forecast. The independent German Council of Economic Experts said the forecast 2017 slowdown is primarily due to calendar effects and that "growth momentum will remain essentially unchanged." However, it is advising Germany and others in the 19-country eurozone to "use the tailwinds of the economic upturn to carry out structural reforms." .....more Ddetail
  • Mr. Lo, Yu-Chung received total of Two hundred and fifty thousand fundraising from 4 association.
    [Sin Chew Daily] Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia Mr. Lo, Yu-Chung estimate the reconstruction amount should be more than ten billion Taiwan Dollar. He fell grateful to those generosity for Kaohsiung gas explosion. .....more Ddetail
  • Disastrous of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Malaysia Organization donate of Two hundred and fifty thousand Ringgit Malaysia
    [Nanyang Siang Pau] At 1 August 2014. there was a gas explode accident happen at Kaohsiung, Taiwan that caused 28 innocent people killed, road was totally damaged. Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee being the first to launch a fundraising for disaster relief, together with Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations, TW House International Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s Asia Pacific International Property totally donate of two hundred and fifty-one thousand nine hundred Malaysia Ringgit to help Kaohsiung rebuild the city. .....more Ddetail
  • Donations up to two hundred and seventy thousand
    [orientaldaily] On the 1st of this month, Kaohsiung Taiwan having a petrochemical gas explosion accident that causing serious damage, raised international concern. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia received the funding of two hundred and seventy thousand ringgit Malaysia to assist people from the gas explosion incident, hope that victims can rebuild their home as soon as possible. Related funding received from Malaysia Taiwan Trade associations, Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee, OCAC, Republic of China (Taiwan)- Dato’ Ding, Malaysia’s Asia Pacific International Property-Mr David Chin Chi Sung and TW House International- Mr Steven Chou. .....more Ddetail
  • Malaysia 4 associations donated more that $ 250,000 NT
    [] A series of gas explosions occurred in Kaohsiung, Taiwan caused by gas leaks. Malaysia Taiwan Trade associations, Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee, Malaysia’s Asia Pacific International Property and Malaysia's TW House International Sdn Bhd totally donated of NT 2.36 million. Send the caring to Taiwan’s people. .....more Ddetail

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Real estate investors look to Southeast Asia
〔THE CHINA POST〕 TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Facing a low-performing local real estate market, Taiwanese investors are reportedly putting their money abroad in up-and-coming development properties throughout Southeast Asia. Two large international real estate firms hosted separate press conferences on Tuesday to analyze the latest trend in real estate purchases. According to Executive Director David Chin (泰啟松) of Asia Pacific International Property, the firm, which specializes in real estate transactions in the Asia-Pacific region, made nearly NT$7.3 billion in sales.