Malaysia: What should we do if developer goes bankrupt during the construction period?

Basically another developer will take over.  If no other developer takes over, solicitor that handles the Sales and Purchase Agreement will inform buyers, collect and integrate the opinions from all buyers, and receive appointment to file to the court. Court will then issue an order to professional team to take over .

Malaysia: Can one change house number if it sounds ominous such as 4 or 14?

YES. You should pay an administrative fee according to the regulation.

Malaysia: Which department should I apply for the change of house number?

The City Hall (DBKL) & Land office where the property is located.

Malaysia: Is it contravening the agreement of sale and purchase if developer does not install water & electricity meters before handover?

It is not contravening the agreement of sale and purchase. Some developers do not install water and electrity facilities before the handover in order to prevent them from being stolen. Normally, developer will make an appointment with the owner to make such installations after the house key is handed over.

Malaysia: Under what circumstance can the developer hand over the property?

With an approval letter from the architect (saying the construction has completed), availability of electricity and water supplies and submission of Borang E [must come with an approval letter from seven departments (as supporting letter)].

Malaysia: What should I do if I lose my Title?

First, you should put on report, then take an oath at Land Office and wait for a new replacement there. 

Malaysia: Can a foreigner purchase a property that is reserved for the indigenous (Malays)?

Basically not. Malaysia has restricted that 30% of non-commercial district land must be retained to Malays. If there is no buyer for a certain period, they should make an announcement through newspaper that Malays should come to buy the land. Only when there is still no one to buy it, it will be made available to non-Malays.


Malaysia: What to do if the tenant owes more than two months rentals within agreement term?

First, send a lawyer's letter to notify the tenant to settle the rentals within a reasonable period.

After that, request a property management company to cut off water, electricity, and gas supply.

Report the police if the tenant still refuses to pay.

Malaysia: What should I make a warranty claim against the defect to developer?

Inform the developer in writing that, the developer should repair the defect within 30 days from the date receiveing the letter. Otherwise, the buyer can find a contractor to assess the repair and send the quotation to developer. If still no action is taken, the buyer should repair the defect and send bill to developer.


Singapore: If the buyer holds a Taiwan passport, s/he will be consider a foreigner buyer .

If the buyer holds a Taiwan's passport, s/he will be considered as a foreigner buyer (Citizens and permanent residents of United States / Switzerland / Liechtenstein / Norway and Iceland have same benefits with the Singaporians). Tax and government fee that are required to pay are:

Stamp duty: 3% & ABSD 15%,
Total stamp duty: Total price of property* ( 3 % +15 % ) - 5,400 ; 
Pay within 14 days from the date the Sales and Purchase Agreement is signed.

Seller's stamp duty: No payment should be made if the property is held for more than 5 years.

Philippines: Where is the most prosperous areas in the Philippines?

Not Manila in a narrow sense, but the "Entertainment City, BGC, and Makati".

Philippines: How is Makati like?

A financial business center, and is rated by the American firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, as the Global Top 30th center city.

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〔THE CHINA POST〕 TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Facing a low-performing local real estate market, Taiwanese investors are reportedly putting their money abroad in up-and-coming development properties throughout Southeast Asia. Two large international real estate firms hosted separate press conferences on Tuesday to analyze the latest trend in real estate purchases. According to Executive Director David Chin (泰啟松) of Asia Pacific International Property, the firm, which specializes in real estate transactions in the Asia-Pacific region, made nearly NT$7.3 billion in sales.