Serviced apartment / PRICE :FROM RM: 1,000000 ~ RM: 1,430.000 onwards


Country: 馬來西亞 / Malaysia
City: 吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur
Property Type: Serviced apartment
Listing Price: PRICE :FROM RM: 1,000000 ~ RM: 1,430.000 onwards
Built Up: 807 SQ-FT( 22.68P ) ~ 1259 SQ-FT( 35.37P )~1755SQ(
Floor Plan: 40 STROEY
Developer: SP Setia
Location: Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz off Jalan Tun Razak
Completion Date: The fourth quarter of 2016
Total Units/Lots: Suite, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms
Total Households: 291
Tenure: Freehold(永久產權)
Nearby transport facilities
 Ampang Park LRT Station LRT --Ampang Park station (public transport - MRT)
 Setiawangsa LRT Station / Monorail Station --Setiawangsa  Light Rail / LRT station (public transport - MRT)
 KLCC LRT Station LRT -- KLCC station(Public transport - MRT)
 Kampung Baru LRT Station --  Kampung Baru LRT Station (public transport - MRT)
2.生活機能健全-鄰近捷運站、國家文化中心、國家藝廊、國家心臟中心、醫療中心、皇家雪蘭莪高爾夫俱樂部、KLCC、巴比倫購物中心、Starhill Gallery Starhill購物中心、Fairview International School Fairview 國際學校 、Sayfol International School Sayfol 國際學校、HSC醫療中心、國家圖書館 等建設
3.馬來西亞第一大最佳建商-SP Setia 精心打造
4. 優質地段、一流建材、最佳建商三位一體,投資潛力驚人,未來漲勢可期

1.  1.5 km Viewing distance of the most beautiful landmark of petronas klcc
2.  Life functional sound - close to MRT stations, the National Cultural Centre, National Gallery, National Heart Centre,         Medical Centre, Royal Selangor Golf Club, KLCC, Babylon Mall, Starhill Gallery Starhill Shopping Centre, Fairview           International School Fairview International School, Sayfol International School Sayfol International School, HSC   medical Center, the National library and other construction
3.  Malaysia's largest construction company-SP Setia
4. Lots of high quality, first-class materials, the best builders Trinity, amazing investment potential future gains can be expected
1. 挑高奢華大廳(入口接待廳 挑高6公尺)
2. 一層八戶, 一層九部電梯(Divina棟)
3.  3層保全系統
4.5樓及34樓層之公共設施(公設總面積 120,000 平方英尺)
5. 5樓公共施設  Sky Deck (80,000 平方英尺)
    50公尺游泳池, 淺水遊憩池,  淺水池, 兒童池, BBQ露臺, 按摩池, 冷熱水池, 派對亭, 音樂室, 兒童遊戲區, 舞蹈教室, 桌球區, 會議室, 育嬰室

6. 34樓公共設施 Sky Club (40,000 平方英尺)
    天際泳池, 按摩池, 小型健身池, 健身房, Sky Villa, 撞球室, 雪茄Bar, 藏酒間, 運動bar, 泳池Bar, 瑜珈教室, 三溫暖, 冷熱水池.
9. Level 1     訪客接待
10. Level 1  置物間

1. Luxury high-ceilinged lobby (6 meters high-ceilinged reception hall entrance)
2.One storey got eight units, each storey nine lifts(Tower Divina)
3. three -layer security system
4. 5th floor and 34th  floors of public facilities(Postulate total area is 120,000 square feet)
5.5th   Floor, Public Facilities Sky Deck (80,000 square feet)
    50 meter swimming pool, shallow water recreation pool, wading pool, children's pool, BBQ terrace, jacuzzi, cold         pool, party pavilion, a music room, children's play area, dance studio, billiard area, conference rooms, infant room

6.The 34th floor  Public Facilities Sky Club (40,000 sf )
    Horizon pool, massage pool, small fitness pool, gym, Sky Villa, billiard room, cigar Bar, Cellar room, pool Bar, yoga room, sauna, hot and cold pools.

7.Business center

8.KLCC reception  service 

9.Level 1 customer reception

10.LEVEL 1 Store room / UTILITY


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